What about Central Park?

I could hop a 7 to Times Square, transfer to an A, B, C or D to Columbus
Directions to Central Park? Well, yeah, BUT imagine carrying one
previously-flown Mega-Nuke, EZ-UP and other accoutrements including a
printed pile of crap that Schumer and Lautenberg have spewed with some
corroborative, supporting evidence? I don't have any priors so I'd
eventually get an ROR. Might not get the rocket back but hey, it's only
money. Might be press, too.
Besides, prior to getting pinched, I'd get to gawk at beautiful women
for a little while. I should practice my "Construction Worker Aria".
The 7'd be kindy dicey but nothing would raise an eyebrow on an A train.
Trust me.
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Gene Costanza
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Gene, you.....no priors? Are you sure you just didn't have them expunged from the record? He's right about serious girl-watching in Central Park!! -- Richard "that reminds me, I should have followed up on the expunging on an incident a few years back in Queen Anne's County" Hickok
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Richard??!! YOU!!!!???
Go figure.
I said "no priors" which would include (but not limited to):
never been arrested for a misdemeanor never been arrested for a felony never been charged with a misdemeanor never been charged with a felony never been questioned for another crime (with me as perp) never been questioned for another crime (with another as perp) had any charge expunged from my record paid a vig to anyone willing to expunge or "lose" a record having someone "go away" during jury trial having someone get amnesia during a jury trial OR, made sure the squawker had such a sheet that Jesus wouldna bought it.
I'm thinkin' you got pinched for an LB...LMAO!!!!!
Naaaah... just kidding... an LBWOM......LMFAO!!!
Who luvs ya, Baybee?!
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Gene Costanza

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