Yes, USR Rocket Motors CAN be used as model airplane parts!

Well I tested Jerry's I mean IZ's I mean Mohammed ... well all
of Skippy's aliases and in fact I did managed to use rocket motors
as airplane parts.
1)I colored USR motors in flesh tones and glued them in my cockpit
as pilots
2)I found a way to use USR motors as landing skiis and wheels.
3)I use USR motors as nose weight in gliders
4)If one of my Discus Hand Launched gliders gets stuck in a tree,
I use USR motors as rocks to knock the plane out of said tree.
5)I use USR rocket motors as "chicken sticks" to turn the propeller
when I start up a nitro plane
6)I use USR rocket motors as balance points when I am checking
my plane's C.G.
7)I use USR rocket motors as scale drop tanks
8)I use USR rocket motors as insulators between my charing leads and
car battery
9)I use USR rocket motors as smoke producers when doing aerobatics
So you see, Jerry was right all along ... poor devil. Well better him than me :)
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