Can parts be 'adaptive'?

If I have a link part in a second level assembly that has free rotate, is there a way to align it to another linkage part in the higher up assembly?

Also, is ther a way that I can make the part 'adaptively' stretch to fit based on assembly constraints?

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SolidWorks doesn't do that.

Now go back to Inventor.


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Look into flexible subassemblies and in-context relations.

You sound like a new user coming from Inventor. Go ahead and work through the tutorials so you know the SW vocabulary and way of doing things.

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Dale Dunn

Yes, I have 6 year experience with inventor, but I also have 4 years experience with Solidworks. I just never had to do lower assy level mating or 'adaptive' things before in Solidworks.

One of the tricky things about working in 2 CAD systems is learning and remembering the vocabulary. I knew I could do the flexible assembly thing,because I didn't know what it was called, I couldn't find it in help.

Thanks for the pointer.

So, what does Solidworks call 'adaptive' (stretch to fit)?

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Aar> Yes, I have 6 year experience with inventor, but I also have 4 years

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