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Opinions on OpenRocket
Been a while since I have done the rocket thing. I guess that makes me a BABAR ;) Anyhow... Started back in to rocketry again and I was wondering if anyone has been using OpenRocket and what they...
11 years ago 13
My Latest Project
My Latest Project Please see: I would like to see it but I don't want to be a facebook member. Tom Nice lookin' rocket. That on a J350 ... be prepared for a long walk on recovery. Can you post the pic...
11 years ago 3
Grr II - its begun :-)
I am stoked by the rewards for certifying at Naram this year. SO I am getting my L1 and L2 if all goes well. Grr II will be the vehicle for both certs :-) I59 for L1 and J90 for L2 The new glider will...
11 years ago
Need Simple High Altitude WInd Model
I'd like to get an approximate model for windspeed and direction given any arbitrary latitude, longitude and altitude on the planet (Earth!) In addition, I'd like the model to approximate the decay of...
11 years ago
sci-fi books for kids
I'd be willing to bet that almost every one on this group (assuming that the spammers and I aren't the only ones left...) reads science fiction. What would you recomend to get kids started in the...
12 years ago 8
rocket gliders
Lots of thanks and a big shout out to Bob Kaplow for his FAQs on rocket/boost gliders. Bob, you might want to consider another edit, a lot of the links are dead, esp. the geocities links (a perpetual...
12 years ago 1
Launch Magazine defunct?
Did Launch Magazine go under? I can't recall seeing a copy in about a year. That's a damned shame, that was a first class magazine. Just a few years ago another pair of my favorite magazines went...
12 years ago 2
R.I.P., Guenter! End of an era...
Guenter Wendt, the legendary pad leader who often was the last person astronauts saw before going into space, died at his home Monday morning in Merritt Island, Fla., within a few miles of NASA's...
12 years ago
May 2010 update
Greetings! The May updates for Photo of the Month & Fire & Smoke are now online. See what Homer has to say about the current events at NASA. Randy
12 years ago
Question before you all go...
I'm starting to play with gliders. What's the easiest and/or most accurate way to sand (or otherwise shape) the airfoil for the wings? Has anyone tried steam (or other wise) bending the wing over a...
12 years ago 2
So long, rmr
Well, not that there's been anything of consequence here for at LEAST the past week or two, but I'm not even going to be lurking anymore -- my service provider is removing usenet service unless I pay...
12 years ago 3
PROOF that Helicopter Pilots are IN ON IT!!!
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12 years ago
April update 2010
Greetings All, The April update is now available: Verna & Randy
12 years ago
What's up with Wildman Rocketry?
Placed an order with them ~3 weeks ago. Still hasn't been charged, and 2 inquiries about my order have gone unanswered. Are they just slow, have bad customer service, or is something else going on?...
12 years ago 2
Don't know what to make of this
Hmm...looks like NASA is temporarily suspending its recognition of Eagle Scouts and Gold Girl Scouts. The cynic in me has me wondering if this order came down from BHO himself, knowing modern...
12 years ago 4