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Lots of thanks and a big shout out to Bob Kaplow for his FAQs on rocket/boost gliders. Bob, you might want to consider another edit, a lot of the links are dead, esp. the geocities links (a perpetual problem in the age of the internet).

Two questions: (1) how practical would it be to make a boost pod and clip on one of those hobby store "gliders-in-a-bag" they sell at the check out counter? Would they stand up to even a mild 18mm engine? I've got an Estes "Eagle" with sheet foam wings, but it has a tape overlay to help strengthen the wings.

(2) would it be possible to use a "wind up" plane with a propeller/ rubber band instead of a simple glider? The boost pod would have to be made such that it holds the prop in place, yet released smoothly/ easily.

I'm just looking for ways to experiment with stuff I probably have in my scrap box (parts for pod), or could replace easily (the glider).

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It's been done, and done successfully. The big thing is you want a pretty wimpy motor to avoid ripping the wings off.

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