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Hello: I am new to this field, does anyone have advise regarding radio controlled rocket gliders and better place to get them? Thank you Elliott K.

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As Art Upton mentioned, I page a page with some R/C RBG's:

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Unfortunately right now there's only one kit in production, the ARF T-25 Centurian from Estes that was formerly known as the Strato-Blaster. But the Strato-Blaster does not glide very long or boost very high.

What I'd love to say is to buy a Cuda kit, but those are out of production (might be a chance the kits will return sometime but not real soon). Might be able to find one on auction, I know someone else who would like to get one too.

Back to something a bit more fundamental. What R/C experience do you have, with what type of models? Some folks figure to fly an R/C RBG without having learned how to fly R/C first. Most of these models will go out of control and crash on rocket boost if you do not know how to fly R/C reasonably. So your experience would be relevant in giving more advice.

Also have you built R/C models before, and if so what kind of construction?

- George Gassaway

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Check the first half of part 8 of the RMR FAQ which coveres RC rocket gliders.

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Andy Woerner and/or one of the other SanDiego club members modified simple foam gliders to rocket powered RC control. You might try there...

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