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I am new to Model Railwaying, can anyone tell me were I can get Dapol Pendolino Coaches from for a reasonable price as I want to extend my train.

I thank anyone who can help me.

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Sarah Banres
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@ £22.50 ea. (Click on Enter Site > OO > Locomotives then scroll down)

I dunno what the "Contains Single Coach + Loose Roof Sections + Water-Slide Transfers + Full Instruction Matrix." all means exactly tho'.



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Flingel Bunt

"Flingel Bunt" wrote


Probably that they couldn't get them to fit together.


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John Turner

ISTR it is to allow all the permutations of Pendo trailer toi be modelled out of one box. Overall quality of the model notwithstanding, it has to be applauded.

At least their N Gauge stuff looks far superior so far. Even though I'm a through and through D+E modeller, I'm wondering how I can justify a 14xx and Autocoach!!!

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No idea why the roof sections are supplied loose either. But separate transfers makes sense for people wanting alternative numbers (and nameplates, assuming Dapol provide these).

David E. Belcher

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David E. Belcher

Apparently the reason for the tops is so that the inside has detailing and you are able to change the overall look of the train.

Thank you for your ideas at £22.50 from DAPOL that cheaper than eBay,

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Lyndon Jacques

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Rule 1: "It's my model railway and I'll run what I like".

Rule 2: "If you don't like what I run, refer to rule 1".

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