1:152 British military Vehicles

Hi all,
I would like to bring your attention to a company run by a good friend of
mine Paul Gandy who is now producing 1:152 scale British military vehicles.
He first started doing this some 15 years ago in resin and got a good
reception but had to cease because of problems around the casting process.
Happily this is no longer the case and Paul is doing his own casting in
lead-free pewter. The range is currently stood at 13 with Abbot nearly
complete so very soon 14, this will be followed by some more airfield type
vehicles; these models do look very good alongside 1:144 aircraft, and are a
very good fit for N gauge model railways and may well be of interest to
If this is your scale, please take a look at
formatting link
, I know Paul
will have a stand at Trucks and Tracks next week for those that are going.
Paul Davies.
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Paul Davies
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Got a few - his Landrovers are nice as well (think the bonnet looks a bit long though)
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Dave Fleming
Thanks for the response,
I'm not sure what references Paul used for the Land rovers but I will pass on your comments about the bonnet length - Paul is very critical of his models so will correct them if incorrect. Thanks fotr the response.
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Paul Davies

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