1/24 Mosquito Box Art

Is it common to have different box art? The art for the kit at great models has a red border with in flight graphics.

the art for the kit at this site, shows a very boring static shot.

As this link has the kit for $40-60 less than just about everyone else, ,thought it would be good to check that this is really the upcoming 1.24 Mossie.

thx - Craig

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Musicman59 wrote in news:8c396f9e-bf4f-444e-9f81- snipped-for-privacy@y28g2000prd.googlegroups.com:

The photo is one of the ones I've seen that Airfix has displayed and the box has Airfix logos on it.

It is the only version I've seen that cklaims to include NF XXX markings.

Call and ask and jump on it if it is, that's a really good price.

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Gray Ghost

The idea of a Mk II, Mk VI and Mk 30 in one kit sounds expensive - the Mk 30 has the later two stage Merlin engines, hence a whole new engine nacelle, also it may show all 12 exhausts for each engine, vice the 10 for the single stage engine where the two rear exhausts were comined in one pibe.

I would get a confirmation of the scale, and if it's a yes buy it weather it has the Mk 30 option or not.

Claus Gustafsen Strandby, Denmark

"Musicman59" skrev i meddelelsen news: snipped-for-privacy@y28g2000prd.googlegroups.com...

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Claus Gustafsen

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