2007 IPMS Nats in Anaheim, CA

I'll be there. Who else is going?

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Kaliste Saloom
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I'm getting ready to leave in a couple of hours. A buddy of mine and I are driving down from Sacramento today. Only a six hour trip. I plan to stop the Two bobs reception room and quaff a couple of brews!


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Rik O'Lishous

Don't forget to post photos!!!!!

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The Old Man

I'll be there. It's only seven miles from my house.

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the Legend of LAX

I may show up on Friday...

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Driving down with my son on Thursday with a few entries. Lynne is flying down Friday night.

I'll pass on the banquet, rather spend the money in the vendor's room. Probably spend Friday in Disneyland with Justin, Saturday at the convention while Lynne does D'Land with him.

I'll keep an eye out for y'all.

Tom Young IPMS #3406 IPMS Santa Rosa

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