48th scale C-130 extras

Does anyone have any experience with the Flightpath PE set for the 1:48 Testors/Italeri Hercules? I guess it makes me kind of nervous, as it costs more than I paid for the kit...

Any other detail sets you'd recommed to make this kit really shine?

PS - I'm planning to do one of the Entebbe Raiders, if that makes any difference.



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I used it for my Herc. The insert for the flaps looks great when it's done. You'll need a bit of plasticard to fill some end gaps but nothing major. There is quite a bit for the interior, although you should check you references for accuracy. I didn't use most of the interior parts as the fuselage was together when I got the set. I don't regret buying it.

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Impressive mission. Those guys were ao far above Emergency War Planning (EWP) gross wieght (175,000 lbs) that they supposedly flew the first 18 miles in ground effect until they burned enough fuel to climb higher.

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