Accurate Miniatures Model Plane?

I came across one of these, brand new, at a local Hobby Lobby in the
clearance section for about $12. I wish I could remember what aircraft
it was, some sort of WW11 type, not a fighter, but I don't.
My question as a car guy is-Should I run back there and buy it to
sell/auction? I wouldn't be interested in building it myself. I don't
even have time to build anything right now. :-(
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May depend upon which kit it is. Also, be assured that the same kit is probably in the Clearance bin of scores of other Hobby Lobby's across the country.
AM kits are excellent kits. Since it caught your eye, you may wish to take a break from cars and build an aircraft for kicks.
Art (an airplane guy who has a car kit lying around for just such a break)
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Art Murray
Well, I have a novel concept--how about you ignore your own greed, leave it where it is and let someone who's going to build it take advantage of what might be a good deal?!
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