American Humour

This came in an e-mail from America, wherever that is. I don't know if
you'll find it amusing but I thought I'd pass it on.
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Gordon McLaughlin
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No, that's further south. America is the one with all the mexican non-citizens.
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"Hub Plott III" wrote in news:47a46bc2$0$6119$
Well, we have a town in The Netherlands called "America", but then they speak dutch there.
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Know what you mean! Here we have the towns "Norway", "Sweden","Denmark" and "New Holland" and they speak English......... 8>) Hub
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Hub Plott III
They may speak it, but they can't spell it...colour, humour, etc.
English is the new lingua franca, you know...
EB :-)
Hub Plott III wrote:
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Eddie Bermuda

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