AMT/Ertl 96 Chevy Duallie and Promos??

A couple of questions. First off, does anyone know how detailed the chassis/rear wheels/suspension is on the AMT/Ertl 96 Chevy C3500 Duallie Snapfast Plus kit (kit #8767) is. I want to use Revell's 1999 Chevy Pickup and turn it into a duallie with a utility bed on the back so I need to find a dual wheel set-up. I just recieved the AMT/Ertl kit #8943 which is the "street" version and discovered that the chassis and rear wheel set up is very primitive and that it does not in fact have dual wheels so I'm thinking that the other version (#8767) will probably be the same. Does anyone know?

Also, what is the deal with all these promos that I see listed on eBay. Are they actuall kits that were put together by their respective company? Might it be worth picking up one of these to try and dismantle the parts that I need???

Any thoughts are greatly welcomed.


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They share the same chassis.

Essentially, yes.

Sure, they're identical to the kits other than being assembled.

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Al Superczynski

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