Another mea culpa

I had put the political groups and hobby groups into separate ?servers?.
They aren?t really but administratively so for me they are.
I must have been leaving both server windows open plus I have started using
Word as the external editor so I can better spell check my posts.
All I can think is that I?m bouncing back and forth to fast and that when I?m
in the editor I can?t see the group headers. I come out of Word and then
?Send?. I think I need to slow down and triple check the group information
before sending.
Now I?m sure nobody else here makes mistakes. And I?m sure these mistakes are
of the highest order and most egregious. So allow me prostrate myself in
front of the nasty?s who I never see post on topic, but have an opinion on
everything else.
Mea culpa, mea culpa. What else can I say?
Ya think maybe it isn't embarassing for me?
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Gray Ghost
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Seems pretty clear from this message that it wasn't a troll who called me a prick. Or a nasty.
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Larry Farrell
yeah, yeah, it's ok.
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Once or twice I'd understand but NOT NINE TIMES in 4 days!
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Nick P
It's all cool. But what are your views on politics? ;)
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