Anyone have an opinion on the new In Action books?

The F4U book looked like new material and color pictures.
B-26 book looked the same as the old ones. Selective updating?
I still think there aren't enough profiles, I don't like they don't show top
or bottom views and don't discuss color.
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Gray Ghost
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I was just perusing the second book on F-15s tonight and they did have colour info. Now that one is somewhat dated and I haven't purchased many new ones. / I tend to agree about the profiles but I usually have several refernce works to check so they usually aren't critically lacking.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr. /
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Mad Modeller
I've been unimpressed so far. I miss the centerfolds in the old ones.
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I bought the new M50A1 Ontos and M42 Duster in Action books. While I've noticed a few editorial mistakes (one photo caption says the Ontos can negotiate a vertical wall up to 28 FEET tall in stead of 28 inches it lists in a performance chart on the next page), overall I find them better than the old ones. RobG
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Rob Gronovius

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