has Squadron stopped mailing flyers?

I've just about forgotten them. I ordered 3 things back in November
but there was no flyer in the box as they used to do, if memory
Their flyer is online, but with no prompt to remember to go to their
site, I forget about them.
I got them every month for some 5-6 years then nothing. I figured they
stopped mailing out to people who did not order but I did place an
order recently..
Wassup with them?
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Didn't get one either in Dec, but the Jan flyer showed up. Maybe they're phasing them out like they did with the free annual catalog a few years ago.
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I've received November, December and January flyers. Ordered something from the Jan flyer this past week.
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Rob Gronovius
I can cheerily say that my February Flyer arrived today. And just to rub it in, the Revell 1/720 Prinz Eugen is on sale next month.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller

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