Squadron Flyer / Are they closed ???

Got mine yesterday. Tried to call 3 times today and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes each time they just disconnected me. Tried to order online and the sale prices were not there. Are they closed because of New Years??? I've always ordered on line but when the sale prices didn't come up I decided to call. That wasn't a good experience...........

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I've had nothing but bad experiences with Squadron lately. their website does not work for me anymore, could be browser problems, but never was a problem before. made a phone order over a month ago and never got the kit, or got charged either. I figured giving the order to a real person would work but I guess not. did an email order the past few days, we will see how that one goes. they used to be good and reliable, but I have concerns now. Lots of other websites to play with...but I hope they get their act together.


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I believe there was a notice about not taking orders for a few days for holidays and inventory. I expect they'll be back tomorrow.

Val Kraut

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Val Kraut

It may be: A.) You are using a browser program incompatible with their website. Although it would be great if all browsers would handle all websites the same, and vice-versa, it's awfully difficult for companies to set things up that way particularly when you have to interact with them in regards to ordering things. B.) You are using a older version of Windows that's having the same problem.Windows 98 isn't being supported anymore, and it's causing problems with a lot of websites when you go to them.

It really would be, as they are from back in the good-ol-days of plastic model building when it was first hitting its stride with international kits being available in the US. I was one of their first 150 customers, and back then they were so efficient that you would have thought the place had its own drill Sergents overseeing the staff: "What does that motto say, maggot?" "Sir, Orders Processed And Shipped Within 24 Hours, Sir!" "And it is now 24 hours and TWENTY-SEVEN-SECONDS since that order arrived isn't it? "Sir! Yes Sir!" "I can't hear you..." "SIR,YES SIR!" "And you know what that means, don't you? Drop and give me 27 good ones, and make sure you kiss the toe of my boot at the bottom of each one...that's it...make it nice and wet... SO IT WONT HURT AS MUCH WHEN IT HEADS UP YOUR "VALLEY PLAZA HOBBIES" LOVIN' ASS!" :-) Seriously, I think one thing that really worked for them back then is that most of the staff were model builders themselves, so they were as keen to get their hands on the new kits as everyone else, and wanted to make sure the other modelers got them as quickly as possible, out of a sense of fellowship as much as a desire for profit.* It's the first generation in most companies that gets things going, the second that keeps them going, and the third that lets them fall into decline. And unfortunately, this could be generation three that we've arrived at.

*On the few times I talked to one of the people on the staff back in the 1970s-1990s, they knew everything about everything they were selling in detail.


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