attempt to rekindle

Instead of going on about how good this group used to be, I intend to
contribute a bit instead of just lurking.
Don't expect posts from me on a regular basis, as I'm quite busy being a
husband, father, houseman, friend, employee etc.
There's more in my life then modelling.
I'll be posting whenever I see fit to do so, which will depend on how
often I manage to get my nose away from the grindstone.
On to the modelling part of this post:
Recently I started work on five (5) different boxings of the Revellogram
F-101 Voodoo.
The first one (F-101B) was bought about 20 years ago and has been sitting
on the shelf ever since. 5 years later a second F-101B was purchased,
along with a C&H RF-101G/H conversion set. A RF-101B followed suit. At
the IPMS convention I picked up a third F-101B for which I ordered a C&H
RF-101C conversion set.
As I had a spare F-101B decal sheet sitting in the stash, last month I
bought yet another F-101B from eBay. This time the white Canadian
And somewhere along the line a Black Box F-101B cockpit set found its way
to my stash.
So here we are: five Voodoos sitting on my desk. The intake assemblies
already painted and ready. All cockpits and instrument panels received
their base coats. Some panels are already painted black. The head- and
armrests of the bang seats are painted red, the cushions a greyish khaki.
As the wheater will be great this weekend, no modelling for me for the
next few days. Instead I'm off sailing today.
As for Super Al: I too miss him dearly. His last post in this NG was in
reply to one of my posts, something about making a back seat from car
body putty in a waxine mold for a VW Karmann Ghia.
Incidentally, the VW and a good number of modern military jets can still
be seen on my website
formatting link

Hope to be back soon with an update on the Voodoos.
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