Bare Metal Foil Mixed w/Alclad

Starting on a kit and want to use Bare Metal Foil.. However, some of the
panels will be difficult. If I use BMF on some panels and Alclad on others
, will this be too obvious a contrast in surfaces? Anybody tried this?
The Lazy One Looking for an Easy Fix
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Art Murray
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It will look okay if you only use the Alclad in small areas.
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Al Superczynski
Art: No sweat; I do this all the time and it does create nice contrasts. Probably every natural metal finish I do has both. One additional trick is to use something like #1200 or 2400 sandpaper and LIGHTLY go over the foil (dry, not wet) after it is applied (or even before, for that matter). Different grades of paper=different appearances. You do have to do the foiling after the paint since the foil generally does not take kindly to tape. Have used sticky notes on occasion and gotten away with it, but--
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Frank Mitchell

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