Barksdale B-52 decals?

I got Minicraft's 1/144 scale B-52H and would like to decal it as a plane
from the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB (Bossier City Louisiana). Both my
father and my father-in-law were stationed there.
I've googled, and checked many a web site, but have had no luck. Anyone out
there know if such decals exist?
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There's nothign specific out there that I know of. Especially not in 1/144 scale (not my preferred scale). If worse comes to worst you can always use the BD from a 1/72 scale sheet of letters/numbers and make your own.
_LOVE_ the quote! It's just evolution in action. I like to say that "it's survival of the fittest, you aren't fit."
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Drew Hill
Perfect set-up for The Darwin Awards:
formatting link
you have a seatbelt on your chair in front of your computer, because otherwise it's ROTFLMAO time. And it would be ironic if you died while falling off of a chair and hitting your head on the floor while reading The Darwin Awards. :-D
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Pat Flannery
Drew Hill wrote in news:
Thanks for the suggestion, andy; I hadn't thought of that.
I grew up with buffs overhead. Barksdale's Open House and Air Show was an annual treat.
And few things were as exciting as a "surge," when a dozen B-52s would roar into the sky, one after the other.
Yeah, Buffett is my man. No one has re-iterated "survival of the fittest" quite as humorously as he has in that verse. It's from the song "Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling" on the album "Beach House on the Moon."
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Pat Flannery wrote in news:
I check in on the Darwin Awards now and then. It leaves me with a mingled sense of disbelief that anyone could be that stupid, and morbid amusement that they offed themselves so entertainingly.
It's strictly "natural selection" only if they leave the gene pool with no progeny, and most of them seem to fill the bill.
-- CV
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