My FIRST REAL Vacuform! Model contest in Rapid City!

Okay, so it's a long story...
I bought it at _LEAST_ 10 years ago. The old Airmodel B-57F
I acquired a built up Canberra for parts, namely the landing gear
and misc parts. It was unusable. I also acquired a Testors B-57G
for parts, I used a majority of it!
It's taken me since May to finish this bastage! but I've finally got-
ten it done! I used the cockpit, tail horizontal fins, engine turbine
inlet fans, exhausts, and landing gear and bays. I've added anten-
nae, tubes, vents, intakes, dielectric panels, and engine exhausts
from various kits including an Italeri F-5F.
After about a half year's patience and a tube of Squadron white
putty, I've finally gotten the $%^ dammned thing together!
I have no access to alt.binaries.* so I can't post any photos, but
after having the right outer wing portion fall off a total of three
times, I'm happy with what I have. I have ceased to mask the
entire model to fix one more f-up! Mainly because I'm tired of
seeing the metalizer spray cans leaping off of my local hobby shop's
shelves to satiate my quest for the perfect mirror finish. (BTW:
after about four coats, Metallizer doesn't do shit.)
I plan to enter it in the Black Hills Modelers' sho in Rapid City,
SD, two weeks from now. the decals have f'd it up more than
i thought! Is there something about decal glues that Metallizer has
something against them!?! There's one set of decals that I used
to part everything together, I think it was from the Monogram B-36
kit, that the glue destroyed the metallizer finish. Has anyone else
had this problem?
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