Bronco WWII Allied Bailey Bridge Type M2

So, somebody finally released a kit of a WWII Bailey Bridge. And, perhaps, unfortunately, this is a very late war Bailey, the M2. The deck width is 4.125" wide, which should be about the width of the M2 version. The original Bailey had a 10'9" deck width, which scales out to a bit more than 3.625".

It looks like 20 parts go into making each 10' truss panel, and if you build according to the instructions, you will need 18 panels, or 160 parts.

The transoms are seperate, but (mercifully?) the deck and two part end ramps are molded as three and 4 units, respectively.

Bronco also offers the infantry foot bridges on either side of the bridge, with some type of thread/string for the safety railings.

Moldings looks good, the transoms have some ejector pin marks that may have to be dealt with - then again, then may be invisible once all is said and done. The decking does not have any thick sections that would signal the onset of sink marks, and indeed, there is none.

I am puzzled by the choice of a triple-single (ie, three trusses per side, one stack high) 30' bridge, however. A single -single (one truss per side) is rated at load class 40 for 30 feet.

I would also like Bronco to offer the narrower transom bridge that saw the most service in WWII. There is a very neat photo of a Pershing crossing one of these, and the very outer part of the track (T66) is running on the sleepers that were supposed to be the guides. :-) On the other hand, it may be simple enough to narrow the provided transoms myself. Where is Sir Baileys book when it is needed...

Oh, and there is that photo of a Crab crossing a triple- triple...


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