Bronze patina

I'd like to get the weathered blue-green-gray color of bronze patina into a resin casting.

Has anyone done this? Can you suggest a starting point for pigments, bronze powder, proportions?


Bill Price CBMM Model Guild

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Bill Price
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I used Testors Jet Exhaust metalizer to get that old bronze look on a figure used as a statue. Washed with Pthalo Green it is pretty convincing. If you need the color in the resin, you might let a bottle of the Jet Exhaust air out until just the powder remains then mix that in.

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

Bill, one suggestion is to try a place that makes garden furniture - fake resin grecian urns and moulded resin stonework and suchlike. They frequently use metallic powders to dust the moulds to get the old metal effect you're after. Charles' suggestion is good if your casting is less than 6 inches high though!


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