ARM: Review - AK Interactive Special Modulation Set - 4BO Green

Product Review: AK Interactive Special Modulation Set AK 028; 4BO Russian G reen; eight 17 ml bottles of airbrush-ready acrylic paint; retail price US$
Advantages: instant finishing set for Soviet WWII tanks and tracked vehicle s in one box
Disadvantages: requires the user to understand the concept and use it corre ctly
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for WWII Soviet armor modelers
    Miguel ?MIG? Jiminez has made a major impact on the armor modeling com munity with his unique finishing process for models (now called ?The Span ish School? or the ?MIG School? in some groups) in which he uses vary ing intensities of colors and oversprays (washes and also ?filters? to change the tint of the model) to create highly artistic results. Many model ers have become fascinated with this and have followed him through three di fferent companies with which he has been associated (MIG, AK Interactive in partnership with Vallejo, and now MIG Ammo).
    As a result a wide variety of products created by MIG are available in var ious forms and from different companies throughout the world. This is one o f the AK Interactive sets made for him by Vallejo and offered via their dea ler network.
    It provides eight different colors of Vallejo airbrush-ready acrylic paint s in one set: a flat grey primer base color; 4BO Shadow (very dark green), 4BO Dark Base (dark green); 4BO Base (the original 4BO green color); 4BO Li ght Base (a lighter shade for upper surfaces); 4BO High Light (even lighter shade); 4BO Shine (much lighter) and Satin Varnish (decal prep and sealer) .
    There is a step-by-step photo chart on the back that shows the eight steps in this finishing process. First the model is primed in grey. Then, the 4B O Shadow is sprayed into the seams, undersides, and crack and crevice area of the model. Next, the dark based is applied to all of the vertical areas and much of the horizontal areas less the top of the turret. The 4BO Base c olor is then applied over the entire model; for those who have never done t his, note that the colors are supposed to overlap and not cover over each o ther. Next. 4BO Light Base is applied to the upper parts of the vehicle tha t are most likely to be bleached out by weather and sun. This followed by H igh Light and finally 4BO Shine to the highest areas and surfaces to bright en up the model. Finally, Satin Varnish is laid down to seal and level the colors and prepare for decals.
    Note that none of this excludes detail painting (e.g. exhausts, tools, tir es, lights, etc.) and that more finishing follows in the form of weathering , washes, dry brushing, weathering powders, etc. But it does permit the mod el to have a differentiation of shades that are in some cases closer to wha t the human eye discerns in natural daylight.
    I have never tried this detailed a system of finishing, albeit I usually u se two to three basic colors with some lightening or darkening to finish a model in enamels.
    Overall this is a ?one stop? for anyone who wants to try his hand at t his system, as all of the eight basic paints come in one set.
    Thanks to Wes from ?Hobby Works? Bel Air for the suggestion.
Cookie Sewell
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