Russian Armor Green Paint

my Tamiya T-62A calls for Dark Green but this model master russian armor color looks anything but dark green. I googled the group and found nothing new since 2002.

Anyone know if the Model Master color is correct or should I go for a darker shade?

thx - Craig

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Model Master's Soviet Armor Green is quite blue, and looks odd. Steve Zaloga has suggested FS-34095 as a decent match for Soviet postwar dark green (though in service, the color was actually a semigloss rather than flat shade). This particular shade is not available premixed, as far as I know, but FS-34102 is (as a USAF cammo color), and it's pretty close. A semigloss overspray will make it appear deeper in color. That color chip is also widely suggested as a decent match for wartime Soviet 4BO Protective Green. Gerald Owens

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Gerald Owens

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