Green wrinkle finish paint


I think I could be needing some green wrinkle finish paint soon. Frost Auto Restoration keep black, red and grey. Does anyone know of a source of green (preferably dark green) in the UK?

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Christopher Tidy
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Do you mean Hammerite? if so the DIY stores stock it.

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Alan Marshall

you could try Craftmaster Paints:

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485554 Ive found them very helpful in the past.


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dave sanderson

Never seen it in green in a DIY form ie Aerosol. Seen Black, Grey, and Red though as I guess thats what the Car restorers want.

My powder coaters do wrinkle finishes for some customers, so maybe thats a route, if you can find a powder coaters with the colour you want in stock. Easier said than done!


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Wayne Weedon

No, that's hammertone paint. I mean wrinkle finish paint. It literally has wrinkles on the surface after it has dried.

I'll try Craftmaster this week. Thanks for the suggestions.

Best wishes,


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Christopher Tidy

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