Hi Is there any good HD kit`s around...`?

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Stig Tore Svee
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just but a new one and when it breaks down, park it in your living room. (hi rufe)

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Heh...rode the 88 to work this afternoon...

The best kits are from Tamiya, but most of them are old. Do an e-Bay search under model kits/motorcycles, and then search "Tamiya Harley" and you'll get a fair list of the 1/6 scale ones...mostly shovels, mostly FLH types.

BUT - the best of Tamiya's recent best is a 1/6 or 1/8 scale Fat Boy which was released in Japan, limited production and very hard to come by...mostly metal - metal frame metal. Pre-painted, presumably with Genuine Harley (TM) paint. None listed on e-Bay at the moment.

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No - there are no good HDs anywhere, kit or not. But if you've just GOT to have one, the range by Imaii aren't too bad.


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Rob Grinberg

I secind that.:-)



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Bostjan Lemut

Revell/Monogram put out some snap kits a few years ago, weren't bad. 1/12,

1/8 I think they were, can't remember right now. I glued them. Probably your best bet would be on ebay. Also had to send several pieces to "Chrome Tech" as only half the engine was chrome, half gray. I have built these kits for me and for some friends. A friend of mine took the one I built for him to the local Harley shop in his town, they were impressed, now I want you to know though, I did a considerable amount of work on it like molding and rechroming the headlight, chroming all the turn signals etc....It wasn't straight out of the box. I'll see if I can get him to send pics and post on a.b.m.s. Mike G.
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Mike G.

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