Unstable Paint Flows on My Airbrush

I am new to airbrush painting, so I bought cheap single action Badger
with propellant cans sort for testing it out. The whole package only
costed me
$35 or so.
I found that my paint flow is very unstable even though I have not
anything. Almost every time I press the trigger, tha paint volume is
different than the previous. Recently there is mostly only air, no
I have checked everything I could, nothing is obviously wrong to me.
The nozzle appears to be clear too, as I can blow air thru it. The
is just typical acrylic paint. The air hose has a knob at the side
you connect to the can, I guess it works like a regulator ? But no
how I turn it, it makes no difference. The amount of the air seems to
the same.
I just want to know if the problem is at air source, the airbrush or
the paint.
Would I be OK if I use a compressor instead ? I don't have a real long
plan. I just want to touch up some of the old models I did. So I would
to avoid investing on a compressor as long as I can get the thing to
and finish up my job this round.
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Have you thinned the paint? Straight-out-of-the-bottle paint is too thick to spray.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Probably incorrectly thinned paint.
No. You can blow air through the air passage. That does not mean that the paint passage is not clogged. Disassemble the nozzle, take a closer look and you will understand how it works, what flows where and why air can get through.
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Serge D. Grun

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