Clueless Marketing Drones

Is it just me, or are the marketing drones with the various
model companies just totally clueless? We KNOW that
Italeri/Rev-Germany bought out the Matchbox and ERTL/
ESCI/AMT kits. Even though thaty hav brought the big
kits back in piece meal (Tu-22, Tu-26, Victor) we're still
being subjected to the 'heh heh heh, make them wait for it!'
attitude of common sense things like the Valkyrie! I've
been watch ebay and seen XB-70's and KC-135's go for
as high as $100+ bucks. This is outright insanity, the
molds STILL EXIST! They can be repopped if the owners
decide to do it, we just have to wait until they get around
to it. Of course, the dollar signs are what drive when they
decide to repop the kits...
It's all so damned frustrating!
We want the kits, they have the molds. JUST MAKE THEM!
Alright already!?!?!?!? The Atomic Annie Cannon, the
KC-135's, all of those old kits that we spend big buck$ on
on Ebay, just make the damned things!
Just my $.02 (US) ((For whatever an AMERICAN dollar is
worth these days!!!)).
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Drew Hill
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want the lindberg b-70? just write, the boss will answer.
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They have repopped them, and are selling them one at a time on E-bay?
(Yeah, smiley, but I have wondered what price would make that worthwhile to a large corporation.)
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Jack Bohn
Sure, but how many people trying to buy the kits on eBay? A dozen? Two dozen? Let's be wildly optimistic and say "hundreds" of people are trying to buy them on eBay and prepared to spend big bucks to get them.
Now compare that to the thousands that Revell would need to manufacture and sell to recoup costs. Is there actually a real market, not an eBay market, that Revell can rely on?
It's not that it's impossible that they'll be produced, the real market may well exist. It's just that eBay demand is not the same as real-world demand; don't confuse them.
Bruce Melbourne, Australia
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Bruce Probst
Yea, I wouldn't mind having another Valkyrie. The one I had (AMT) I bough for $4 at an outlet center toy store in Iowa about '98 or '99--Didn' realize how big it would be even in 1/72. I sold it to a guy in Belgiu about 3 yrs ago for $20 I think. Now that I have some room....
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