Curtiss electric 3 blade prop, Aftermarket?

I'm looking for the above named prop specifically with the spinner. It's for
an SBD. I have 2 of the old Monogram kits. I built one years ago and I loved
the little buggers, but I'd like a proper prop to do a -3. I have the old
Medallion interior and Fotocut PE dive brakes and Squadron vac canopy for
one and I want to build the 1st OOB.
The AM kits, I have the -1 and the combo kit -3, -3A, 4, the combo kit seems
to have at least 2 of these in them but if I borrow them I can only do them
as -4s. The Monogram only has the single rear firing MG, I suppose I could
pirate a twin from the AM kits, and build one of the Monos as a -4 and the
AM one as a -3. I went to the AM site but they won't sell parts unless it's
a replacement for a damaged or missing kit part. I suppose I could lie, but
don't want to. I could maybe cast it in resin but I've only done single side
molds so far.
The Ultracast one doesn't come with the spinner and Aeroclub has a couple of
CE but I'm not sure which is correct and if it has the spinner.
I read long ago that you could use a Bic pen cap cut down to fake the
spinner for the Mono but the blades are the wider cord HS type and I'm not
sure I can cut them down without ruining them.I could settle for that.
Any thoughts?
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