Aftermarket propellers?

I am building a vacuform kit- Rareplanes Curtis XFM-1. The kit is fine except for the props- a common problem with vacuform. It would take a LOT of careful work to make the kit props work.

Does anyone make aftermarket propellers? I went to Squadron's online catalog and could fine nothing.

Specifically I need a three-blader of about 750-1000 horsepower, with NO streamlined spinner. The closest appropriate would be one for a P-36 or something similar, but I sure do not want to buy two P-36 kits just to get the props.

Yeah, I know I need pusher props, but I have no problem with cutting off the small spinner/governer housing and flipping that with the mounting pin.

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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
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Do a search for Aeroclub. They have all sorts of cast accessories.

~Rick Fluke

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Hannant's carries Aeroclub, & they may make those specific props.

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