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Greetings of the New Year! I am searching for an aftermarket source for obtaining propellers. I need several, at least one is from an OOP comet kit from 1957 (no scale is listed, so I'll have to measure and query from there.) One other prop is a Revell-Germany, 1:72 scale, 3 blade, variable pitch Hamilton-Standard for a Grumman S2F, incidentally, the comet kit is of the same plane. Rather than bother the group with a lot of minutia, all I really need is the source, either URL, email or postal address. I have seen a couple of snippets of builders taking an original and making a copy out of resin and clay, but I wish to attempt a straightforward purchase before creating my own mis-match. TIA for your time and assistance. Regards, Bruce

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Bruce W. Apple MA, NCC
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Aeroclub have MILLIONS of white metal props - all shapes and sizes.

Check them out at :-

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