Anyone Make Custom decals?

I'm needing a few custom decals on clear stock and
my Epson won't lay down the ink properly. Does anyone on the
list have a source of custom decals, waterslide preferable?
Thanks in advance...
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This might be helpful:
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Refer Decals & Custom Cut Vinyl Lettering & Graphics
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I have a new (to me anyway) ALPS printer that I'm dying to put to use. I've made a sheet for some models I'm rebuilding and they worked great. Let me know what kind of art work or lettering you need. I don't and won't charge professional prices cause I'm not a professional decal maker, but I do enjoy the small projects.
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I also have not had any luck with the inkjet papers. For black decals I do have a cheap laser printer (mono) and it works fine.
For color decals I had been printing out the design on regular paper, then taking the printout and a sheet of decal paper to a local copy shop for them to copy with a laser copier.
However, they installed a new high speed machine, with a very hot platen that really wrinkles the paper. I am currently shopping for a copy shop with a "cooler" copier, while watching the price of color laser printers come down.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
I have an extensive paging on designing and having printed custom decals on an Alps printer:
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The method described is the one that gives maximum quality, which is equal to aftermarket decal sets. At the end of the page you will find 30+ custom printers.
Rob My models:
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Me 163B site:
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AQM-34 site:
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Rob de Bie

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