Damn all those spammers

This NG is drowning in spam lately. As the spammers use different adresses all the time it's no use killfiling them. Anyone got any sugestions to get rid of this spam? I use XNews.



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Different Message-IDs too? (like *googlegroups.com etc.)

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Mats Peterson

Try News Proxy. I posted about it a few weeks ago, and it's dropping a good

95% of the spam for me. Kills trolls too, even the nym shifting variety. You can set up combinations of filters to target posters very precisely.
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flak monkey

As the vast majority of it originates from google groups you need to filter that out..

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It does mean you will also filter out the one legit poster from GG, but it's a small price to pay.


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Tony Gartshore

On advice hear I set up a block on my mail reader (Outlook Express) to block groups.google.com.

Sure it will block a few innocents but it got rid of 90+% instantly.

I then added a 'delete' rule to kill any message with 'watch' in the title.

Just the odd one or two get through now.

I'm sure most newsreaders have similar functions.



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Nigel Heather

Steven wrote in news:Xns9A8B63B937EA5Cave.Putorem@

I've been using parts of the subject line, and it's helped a bit. "watch", for instance stops a lot of it.


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Carl Dershem

It works - google seems to be the source - block them - eventually the honest posters will go elsewhere and the spamers will quit - bye bye google.

"Nigel Heather the-heathers.co.uk>" On advice hear I set up a block on my mail reader (Outlook Express) to

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Val Kraut

That's how I have mine set up too, any piece of a word in the From or Subject that seems common to many, yet unlikely to block a legitimate post. Very few get through. WWW is another great one for a partial. Grandpa John

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I just started using this sort of keyword filtering with Seamonkey a few days ago - it's working like a charm...life is way better across all the groups I subscribe to - Seamonkey NG filters seem to be global for the server/account they are applied to...

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