Extra photo etch with figures ???

just got this kit. The PE provided is for the head band for 3 headsets. Problem is is that their are 4 piece, but only 3 head sets. Also included are 4 thin straps that are not marked on the kit instructions and do not show up in this link image. they are about the same length of the head set head band pieces.

Not sure what I am supposed to do with them.

Seems to me that guidance with PE in Dragon instructions is a bit weak. The only way I knew what some pieces were for was by the universal note to use a different glue to apply them. No part numbers or read outs anywhere. Is this common with PE?

Thx - Craig

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No, but unfortunately it's all too common with DML figures and directions in general. I feel it's a shame they produce truly great kits but back them with truly lousy directions.

IIRC the other items are braces for the headsets (one over the other to bulk them up) but don't quote me on that.

Cookie Sewell

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okay, that could work, but do you usually get extra PE pieces? Got 4 sets and only 3 headsets. And their figure instructions are very poor. Hard to tell what goes where. And the pastel, light colored inks don't help matters.... Great stuff otherwise.


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...I'm surprised that the figures meant to be in hatchways actually have legs.

Sometimes one does get some extra parts with an etch set - particularly if it's a part easily lost or mis-shaped. I've seen that on occasion before, and hope that it's a trend...it's easy enough to do with the artwork required to produce etched parts, and doesn't really add anything to the effort to etch the frets.

3 headsets, four bands...ok by me. I like to keep my parts box filled - that includes a growing number of etched parts. I don't always use all of the parts in all of the etch sets I buy. Generally, but not always...and I pretty much won't build a kit without using some etch these days.
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This isn't unique to DML. I purchased several of the MiniArt figures (four kights and a couple of musketeers) Their "instructions" consist of a color drawing of the figure with a number in a circle and a line going to a specific portion of the figure's anatomy like this (22)----- If the number is in a clear circle, it's a part, if the circle is transluscent blue, it's a decal (if which there are four, usually). The figures are generally nice and fairly well-molded, but the instructions SUCK! Unfortunately, no one elsde is making these figures, so what's a modeler to do?

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The Old Man

I also keep the PE frames after the parts have been removed. You never know when you may need a strip of brass for something.

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