Extras for ESCI KC-135.

Hi group

What is there of extras for this kit? Is there extras for other kits that could be used with this kit?

Btw. when I say extras, I mean etch, resin and stuff like that.

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Uffe Bærentsen
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My bad. It is a 1:72 kit.

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Uffe Bærentsen

I think True Details made some wheels.


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Dave Williams

True Details also make an interior set, that contains the stove unit, waste basket, some shelving... and ducting for the ceiling. Looks pretty good,if you model yours with the cargo hatch open. Then, Airwaves made a photo-etch set that included the nylon barrier that is rigged if the cargo door is to remain open. Some other bits as well, including hinges for the door.

Don H.

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Don Harstad

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