F2A-3 ventral window?

I have seen conflicting references as to whether the F2A-3 had the ventral window. Does anyone know for certain. I have yet to find an F2A-3 photo showing the belly.

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window. Does anyone know for certain. I have yet to

One would hope note, but Brewster was a ditzy company and might well have kept building the plane according to the F2A plans.

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The drawings in the Squadron book indicate both the -3 and the model 339 had the ventral window. The few pictures make it hard to tell but it looks like there's a window there. It's a shame Hasegawa didn't follow up there series with a -3 but I'm very thankfull for the 239. What are you doing for the engine extension on yours? HTH

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Unfortunately, the Squadron book is wrong about the F2A-3. I guess I can say that, I wrote it. Fellow Buffologist Brendan Wood pointed out a couple of years ago that the extra tank beneath the pilot's seat would obstruct any view through the window. He was right. The outside panel lines of the ventral window are still there - I believe the panels were hinged and thus provided a handy access to the fuselage interior. So sand off the raised panel lines of the ventral window piece but don't blend the piece into the surrounding fuselage - and then paint with the underside color.

The window was carried on the various 339 version - Dutch, Belgian, Brit.

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