FA: E-Bay - RAF kits, decals and resin.

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Spam? The only post I've made about my auction, how can this be spam?
Or are you one of the dickless wonders thats appointed themselves posting uber-lord of this mosh-pit?
Bite me shitheel, I'll post what the fuck I like.
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Your post was fine. We have a cross-posting troll who has nothing to do with the subject of this group.
You hit the nail on the head.
thats appointed themselves posting
Again, he has nothing to do with this group. Just a sad little troll whose mommy doesn't like him.
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If you check some of his other posts in this newsgroup, you'll see that he tries to live up to his middle name, and should not be taken seriously. Just kill-file him.
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Wayne C. Morris
Thank you all for the advice, I checked the illiterate dweebs record on Google, what a sad little bugger... Still, it takes all sorts!
Consider the arsepipe well and truly PLONK'ed ;-)
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The only spammer here is you. By the by, I have reported you for that very reason.
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