Follow up: glue for clear plastic

This is a follow up to my post for help on gluing large areas of clear plastic together without fogging on the 1/4 scale visible hemi from Testors.

It is possible that I had trouble with some products because of altitude. The area of Colorado Springs that I live is about 7,000 feet above sea level.

I tried Testors glue for clear parts and got a yellow cast. I then tried Elmer's and Crafters Pick and nither seemed to dry even after a

36 hour test. They remained milky white and not strong at all. As suggested here, I bought some Micro Kristal Klear. It took about 30 hours to dry but did a fairly good job of drying clear and seems strong. I ordered some of the watch crystal cement from Micro Mark but haven't tried it yet.

At Caboose Hobbies in Denver, I found a CA glue called Super Gold+ It claimed to be "non fogging" on clear plastic. I tried it in several tests and found the claims to be true. It dried quickly, formed a solid bond, and after 36 hours, there is no fogging at all. I did a test on a canopy and after 24 hours there is no fogging at all. I "did not" use any kind of "kicker". Here is a link to the manufacturers website if anyone is interested.

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