FS: Aircraft Kits, Accessory Items, Books, Decals

I have for sale the following items:
Revell/Germany 1/72nd H-21C Shawnee $16 Academy 1/48th P-38E/F/H Lightning $18
Academy 1/72nd PBY-5A Catalina (wheeled version) $18 Revell/Germany 1/32nd Alouette II $16 Hasegawa 1/48th AH-64D Longbow + Eduard etched set $30 Minicraft 1/48th XF5F-1 Skyrocket + Lone Star Models Cockpit Set $28 MRC 1/35th AH-1W Super Cobra + Verlinden Cockpit Detail Set $35 ProModeler 1/48th F4U-5/5N Corsair $10
Engine & Things 72-020 P&W R-1340 (for P-26, Norseman, Harvard, Sikorsky H-19/S-55, Ju-52, etc.) - I have two of these, $2 each Engine & Things 72-069 CW R-3350 (for Martin Marlin and P2V Neptune) - I have two of these $2 each Eduard 1/72nd MH-53E Sea Dragon etched set $10 Cobra Co. 1/35th Bell 47/H-13 Float Set $8 Verlinden 1/48th P-51A Engine (for Accurate Miniatures kit) $8 Verlinden 1/48th P-51A Update Set (Resin/Brass) $16 Verlinden 1/32nd P-51D Mustang Cockpit Update Set (Resin/Brass) $20 KMC 1/48th Ground Power Unit - Korea (Resin) $8
Aeromaster 1/48th "T-6 Texans in Algiers" $6
Belcher Bits 1/48th Canadian Harvard Mk.II's $6
Carpena Decals 1.48th T-6 Texans (UASF Korean, USAF Malden AFB Training Unit, prewar AT-6 Gunnery Trainer) $6 Carpena Decals 1/48th French Roundels Sheet $5
Two Bobs 1/35th AH-1W "Whiskeys in the Mix" $10
MSAP 1/48th P-40B/C's (USAAF, RAF) $5
Microscale 72-18 Postwar British Insignias $4 Microscale 72-74 U.S. WWI Numbers (larger numbers can also be used for 1/48th scale) $4 Microscale 48-7 P-39 Airacobras (markings for six early war and WWII a/c) $4 Microscale 48-13 DeHavilland Mosquito (RAF and RAAF a/c) $4
Fowler Decals 48-02 1/4t8h F-100D, markings for three aircraft, all very colorful, one of which is Wing Commanders Aircraft, Col. Stanton T. Smith of the 48th TFW.
ModelDecals No.54 British Tactical Red/Blue Roundels and Fin Flashes $4 ModelDecals No.33 RAF Post War Serials 16", 18", 20" and 24" $4 ModelDecals No.34 RAF Post War Black Letters 30", 36", and 48" (two of these, one or two letters used) $6 for both ModelDecals No.35 RAF Post War Black Numerals 16" to 48" (two numbers used, rest is complete) $4
Specialtryck ModellDekal No.3 - Sheet of Norwegian Air Force national insignias for both 1/72nd and 1/48th Post War aircraft $4
IPMS/Canada RCAF Insignia and Black Letters/Numbers (double sheet) - two of these, $3 each
FCM Decals 48-03 1/48th Brazilian A-20K, A-26B, F-5E, UH-50 $4 FCM Decals 48-02 1/48th Brazilian P-40E, P-40K, P-40M, A-26C, EMB-326 $4
Albatross Modelworks 1/48th "B-25 Mitchell at War" - markings for 8 to 10 colorful B-25's gunships from SWP area - beautiful sheet. $20
Raceplane Tech: "Griffon Powered Mustangs Volume 1" - good book covering all conversions to racing P-51's. $15
"American Aircraft of World War 2 in Colour" by Kenneth Munson. As the title indicates, it is a complete reference to all aircraft used by the U.S. during WWII in color pictures and color drawings. Excellent book with lots of unusual aircraft and color schemes. $13
"GUNSHIPS - A Pictorial History of Spooky" by Larry Davis. Story of all gunships used in SEA during the Vietnam conflict. Lots of color photos and drawings by Lou Drendel. $8
"VNAF South Vietnamese Air Force 1945-1975" by Jim Mesko. Story of the South Vietnamese Air Force told by both b/w and color photos and many pages of color profiles of the aircraft flown by the Vietnamese over this thirty year time period. $10
"Airmobile - The Helicopter War in Vietnam" by Jim Mesko. Squadron Signal publication using photos and color drawings to describe the role of the helicopter in the Vietnam War. $10
"Air War over Southeast Asia," Vols 1, 2, and 3 by Lou Drendel. These are an excellent capsule on the air war in Vietnam from 1962 to 1975. Lots of b/w and color photos as well as a multitude of color renderings by Lou Drendel. I am selling the complete set for only $25.
"Warsaw Pact Air Forces" by Hans-Heiri Stapfer (Squadron/Signal Publication) $10
"Helikoptery Wojskowe 1974 to 1982" - very nice booklet published in Poland (1994) on modern attack helicopters, includes pages of superb color drawings/paint schemes for the Mil-24, Westland Lynx, Blackhawk, and Apache. $10
"USAF Aircraft of Today" by Nico Sgarlato - Good overview of the aircraft flown by the USAF from the F-80 to the present, includes fighters and bombers. Good booklet for the young person or beginning modeler. $7
KoKu-Fan Famous Aircraft of the World Series $5 each No.34 "AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache" No.49 "Fuji T-1 Trainer"
Osprey "German E-Boats 1939-45" by Gordon Williamson
Modern Military Aircraft Series: Squadron/Signal "F-15 Eagle" by Lou Drendel $7
Squadron/Signal Publications Mini-In Action No.1 Seversky P-35 $6
Squadron/Signal Publications "B-17 Flying Fortress in Color" by Steve Bridsall $8
Squadron/Signal In Action Series $5 Each No.24 F-15 Eagle in Action No.63 B-17 in Action No.68 P2V Neptune in Action No.114 A-37/T-37 In Action No.121 Hawker Hunter in Action No.152 Meteor in Action
Detail & Scale Books Colorful USN A-4 Skyhawks $12
Postage will be quoted based on order. Thanks.
Boyd Waechter Katy, Texas
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