FS: NASA histories, space & aero references

Once again purging my aerospace library to get $$$ for models! All books are in new to very good condition. Some of the NASA histories are
fairly rare. All prices are USD. Shipping is extra. I prefer U.S. buyers (for ease of shipping), but will send worldwide if you're willing to pay the exorbitant U.S. postal costs! I accept money orders and PayPal.
Check it out and let me know if something catches your eye. Contact me at: snipped-for-privacy@capaccess.org.
Thanx for looking!
Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum flack)
NASA Center Histories (Take all eight [$146] for $125.00!) Venture Into Space (Goddard Space Flight Center) SP-4301. Softbound. Rare! $20.00
Suddenly Tomorrow Came (Johnson Space Center) SP-4307. Hardbound, ex-DOT library copy, excellent condition. $20.00
Engineer in Charge (Langley Research Center 1917-1958) SP-4305. Softbound. $18.00
Adventures in Research (Ames Research Center 1940-1965) SP-4302. Softbound. $15.00
Searching the Horizon (Ames Research Center 1940-1976) SP-4304. Hardbound. $18.00
On the frontier: Flight Research at Dryden, 1946-1981. SP-4303. Original edition. Hardbound. $25.00
Engines and Innovation (Lewis Research Center) SP-4306. Hardbound. $8.00
A New Dimension (Wallops Flight Facility) NASA Ref. Pub 1028. Softbound, 3 small orange spots on cover. Rare! $22.00
Other books Flights of Discovery. SP-4309. Softbound, large-format, many color pix. Story of 50 years of flight research at Dryden. $9.00
Airborne Trailblazer. SP-4216. Softbound. History of NASA's Boeing 737 research aircraft. $8.00
Wind Tunnels of NASA. SP-440. Pix and text on all major NASA wind tunnel facilities. Long OOP! $15.00
The Birth of NASA: Diary of T. Keith Glennan. SP-4105. 389 pages. Hardbound. $8.00
The Soviet Cosmonaut Team. Softbound, 324 pages. Gordon Hooper's long OOP biography compilation of Soviet spacefarers. $25.00
Salyut 6-Soyuz-Progress. Russian text, many full-color pix of Russian cosmonauts and hardware. $10.00
Pioneer Odyssey. SP-349. History of the Pioneer 10 and 11 missions. $12.00
This Island Earth. SP-250. Compendium of photos taken from Earth orbit. Pristine condition! $9.00
Exploring Space with a Camera. SP-168. Photos from planetary and Earth orbit missions. $5.00
The Astronauts. Bill Yenne's pictures-and-text recounting of the first 25 years of human spaceflight. $5.00
Silver Wings. Hardbound, 336 pages. Walter J. Boyne's history of the USAF. $10.00
Post World War II Bombers 1945-1973. USAF programmatic history of all post-war U.S. bombers. Hardbound, ex-library. Many B&W pix. $10.00
Boeing 707 Super Profile. 56 pages of full color and B&W pix and text covering all versions of this workhorse jetliner. $5.00
Tu-16 Badger in Action. Squadron-Signal. $4.00
Stranger to the Ground. Richard Bach's (author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull) sirring account of his Air Nat'l Guard service in France and his love affair with the F-84F. Hardbound, dust jacket torn. $5.00
Building a Strategic Air Force. (Air Force History pub, 515 pages. Softbound. $5.00
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