Galaxy inline chevy motor

Is there anyone out there that might have a Galaxy Aero sedan or sedan
delivery inline six that you haven't used or is just laying around
cllecting dust? I would prefer to get one that is unbuilt ,but even if
it is built as long as all the parts are there[eg] block, oil pan,
intake and exaust manifold and Wesley valve cover. If there is anyone
out there that has this please let me know. Cash or trade for something
you need . Thanks, Jim Massa
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Maybe you could try to contact Galaxy and ask them if they would sell you just the tree containg all the motor parts.
Thier customer service is excellent!
I'm also sure that they regularely show up on eBay (if you cant' find one locally). Also, ask Wayne at
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. I think he still has one in the store and I'm sure he would ship it out to you.
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Peter W.
Hey, do you still need this kit (or at least part of it)? I have the sedan delivery; I've built, painted and sealed the frame, suspension, and power train. The engine popped loose and you should be able to pull parts off of the engine without too much trouble (I don't use a lot of glue). The body is started and primed, the cabin is started and primed (I prime to check the seams). $10 total (kit and shipping) and it's yours!
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