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About two months ago, my father-in-law died at the tender age of 92.
Over the past month, my wife and I, along with most of the rest of her
family have been cleaning out his home and getting it prepped for sale.
This means going over and hauling out antique (read old - very old) and
oddball tools, like a double-headed claw hammer (one strike face, two
sets of claws, one under the other), mostly stuff that I've never seen
him use, although a lot belonged to HIS father.
Yesterday, my brother-in-law came across a trove of old model boxes up
in the attic, 31 in all. They belong to another brother-in-law who took
off a couple of years back leaving a lot of crediters, including yours
truely, so I felt "justified" in scarfing them up. Except for a
"Pirates of the Carribean", all are car models, mostly AMT or Revell,
but a couple of Monogram, Pyro and Premier as well. That's the good
news. Today, I started going through these and found that only seven
are complete, the rest either missing major parts or suffering from
terminal paint jobs that make them just so much plastic. So after
pulling anything that I could use as shapes in multi-media projects, I
started putting the rest in some of the cleaned out boxes for the
garbage pick-up Monday morning. Sitting on top of the garbage can is a
Renwal Mercedes 300 Gull Wing in 1:18 (IIRC - I haven't been a "car
guy" since I was in High School)and while I was working, a couple of
cars have been patrolling the street checking out my trash. Either this
is Homeland Security or some rabid collectors looking to (they think)
I think that its only going to get worse when the cans go out to the
Wait until I start on my attic.
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Old Timer
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Before you put it to the curb, list your 'find' on Hobby Heaven's board. You just might be surprised at what car guys will want to *save* and rebuild.
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-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Chuck Ryan
Sorry, but the only things in ~most~ of those boxes were engine parts (mostly incomplete), some chrome (taken for multi-media) but NO car bodies, no decals, a few instruction sheets (mostly to kits that we haven't found yet) and some pieces that look like they were deliberately broken. I think that he got discouraged with the way some things were going with the kit and deliberately trashed the model. Stuff like this shows up on eBay as "Junk Yard", but I really don't feel like going that route.
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Old Timer
OTOH, I wish you were a bit closer. :] You just never know what 'missing parts' you might have there for someone. Heck, the instructions just may be something someone is looking for. Car guys also like to hold on to old kit boxes. Considering what passes for boxart nowadays it's not hard to fathom why.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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