Gloster Meteor III

I would love to build a WWII-era Meteor, in 1/72nd
scale; and it seems that the old Airfix kit is the
only way to go. Does anyone know of an on-line
collection of good reference photos, such as in a
"walk around" format? There are several nice sets
on Hyperscale, but they are of postwar models.
Obviously, the cockpit details would be drastically
different on these later versions; but what about such
things as wheel wells, flap, and speed brake details?
Would they be similar to the Mark III?

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Greg Heilers
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Hi Greg,
Not sure if its any use to you but Hannants have a Meteor Mk.4 as a future release
formatting link
. You can see a review of their Mk.8 via the following link:
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I don't know alot about the meteor but having a quick look on the web
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the Mk4 had a longer nacelle due to heavy compressed buffeting at high speed. You may then be able to make it shorter for the Mk.III?
Cheers, Stephen.
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