Glue for clear plastic

In a moment of weakness I bought the Monogram visible Mustang. I'd done it
long ago and I'd like another go at it.
It occured to me that one might use something like the Testors Clear cement
for attaching canopies or the Micro Sol product which I have used to
successfully make smaller windows to join the clear structural parts.
With careful sanding and dry fitting would y'all think that stuff would be
strong enough? Or would you use something else? Watch cement?
Or better to use the real deal and paint over the seams giving more of a
cutaway appearance?
Just getting settled into new digs after hitting the ejection button on the
soon to be ex bitch. Girly girl wants to live with me rather than her Mom
(smartest 11 yo you'll ever meet!) and she's learning to model with me. She
pointed out that I already have a lot of models so to get her "permission"
to buy it I had to promise it would be the first project after we got
everything sorted out.
PS she was a presenter at the NOVA IPMS contest last Saturday, she handed
out the 3rd place trophies. She also won a second in her category (Junior
Age 12 & Under, Cars & Trucks) which was kinda funny to watch. I did the
Make and Take and had more fun then is legal in most states. Girly girl
helps by giving the kid's eye view and building one of each of the kits as
a demo to the other kids while dad makes sure noone removes a finger with
the nippers.
The 1/350 USS San Francisco that won best of show was freakin' awesome. I
used my Android phone to zoom in to see the detail. Un-freaking-beleivable.
He must have trained insects for some of that, the 40MM mounts, the rafts,
formatting link
Pictures aren't up yet.
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Frank Tauss
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Watch crystal cement...the *perfect* thing for that thing!

I use it exclusively for gluing canopies.
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Better than "white glue", Rufus? Even if I have to use some filler around a canopy it seems to survive some sanding and polishing. Can you compare?
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Tom Thompson
Tom Thompson wrote in news:
I eagerly await the comparison, too.
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One Party System
Yes - far better than white glue. It's very sticky...and personally, I like the needle-applicator that comes with it. You need use very little of the stuff, and it's easier to control where you put it.
What I find when using this stuff to glue down canopies is that if I get a good fit before I glue, there is no need for sanding or filling. It tends to fill gaps on it's own, and really holds.
Sets very quickly, so fit first, then glue. It's not as fast as CA but like CA once it's stuck it's pretty permanent.
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