Good local model shop (slight return)

If you're in the middle bit of the UK, be sure and check out Dominoes Toys
in Leicester. Great model department, they stock everything from the usual
suspects (Revell, Tamiya, Dragon, Academy, Trumpeter) to less frequently
spotted kits from AFV Club, Roden, SMER, lots of other manufacturers who I
can't even remember (should have taken a pencil and paper). They still have
a good range of Airfix on the shelves, though I did clear them out of 1/48
Seafire FR46/ 47s - sorry about that, full range of Humbrol, lots of
Heller... OK, it's all injection moulded stuff, but all the same, it's a
good spot.
Best thing? It's directly opposite the female magnet known as the Shires
shopping centre, so you can pack the household authorities off to buy
make-up and skimpy underwear whilst you get down to the important business
of stash replenishment. And don't forget to pop into the Globe just round
the corner for post purchase refreshments.
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