Really Off Topic About Stutz Bearcat

I have a really off topic question. I saw a Stutz Bearcat driving
down the street today and remembered a TV show that was on in the late
sixties early seventies about an Indiana Jones type adventurer who
drove a Stutz Bearcat in his adventures. I don't remember the show's
name or title character, could anybody by chance tell me what the show
was called and who the main character was?
As always thanx for your indulgence and I look forward to any
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Alias Smith and Jones with Pete Duel and Ben Murphy rings a bell with me .
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The show was called Bearcats, and starred Rod Taylor. See the entry in the Internet Movie Database:
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Gerald Owens
MPC already had a kit for the car and changed the boxart to relate to the show. I think the last time the Bearcat was available was the Connoisseur Classics edition in the 1980s.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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