AKICIF: model car/javelin return system

First the set-up, then the questions... To see the photo I'm curious
about, either go directly to

or go to

and scroll down to the ninth picture.
The caption reads:
"A remote control car transports javelins back to the athletes,
keeping humans out of harm's way, during the first day of
competition at the Good Luck Beijing 2008 China Athletics Open
at the National Stadium, Thursday, May 22, 2008, in Beijing."
(Note: the eighth photo also shows some track-and-field javelins.)
My questions are:
(1) what if any real car is this a model of,
(2) can anyone make an educated guess at the scale, and
(3) given the approximate scale, is this likely to be an
off-the-shelf RC (remote control) model with a javelin rack added,
or something that had to be custom made because RC's don't come in
that scale (i.e., it's clearly too big to be Standard Size #1 but
too small to be Standard Size #2)?
-- wds
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William December Starr
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It's big. Javelins are about 8' long (mens) or 7' (womens) so this is likely to be about 3' overall, I'd say. Which would make it about 1/6 full size.
I'd expect off-the-shelf, since if you were building something custom it would have a greater carrying capacity and a lower c of g.
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Tim Illingworth
Since the javelin protrudes out of frame to the left, we can't really tell the relationship to the car.
I'm aware of 1:8 models, but i don't recall any 1:6 (which isn't to say they don't exist).
1:8 (also known as "1-1/2 inch") scale is a common scale for rideable live-steam railroad models. I once met Daniel Boon V (yes, he was a descendant of the famous one), a blacksmith in North Carolina, who had built an incredible 1:8 model of a Union Pacific Big Boy.
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mike weber

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