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I have just been introduced to the Faller Car System. WOW!! Recently I surfed
the internet and have viewed videos & pictures of the Faller Car System.
Some of the sites included the Miniatur
Wunderland in Hamburg. Wow. Wish I could take a vacation to the spot.
Reading from different web sites I have found there are Car System options
including lights, DCC (I think wireless operations of some sort) allowing
each vehicle to use infer-red so they do not rear-end each other, etc. Even
logic in the chip to run freely around the road system taking different
routes each time around. Larger vehicles knowing they can only run on certain
"tracks". No semi tractor trailers in residential neighborhoods because the
streets are too narrow, etc.

I am wondering where I can find inventory of the Car System setup with lights,
turn signals, break lights etc like I have seen in video's? I am the type
person who needs to use out of the box items. I am unable to customize or add
parts. The trains I have are out of the box. I want to buy car system
vehicles with additional features and add to my train layout. DCC etc. Have
manufactures come up with a standard of features including DCC to operate the
layout? Since I do not speak German, I can only guess what is available out
of the box.

Any information would be helpful. I would like to build a new layout
incorporating both my train and the Car System.


David Werner
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Assuming that you are in the USA:
Supposedly, Faller items are imported by Walthers, so a number of hobby shops should be able to get it for you. "Should" and actually able to get it for you are two different things though.
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Thanks. I have checked and see they have some. The cars they have are basic with only on/off features. I am hoping to find cars with more features. Look at this video with lights, turn signals, break lights etc.
Here are a few to review.
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Really COOL!!! wrote:
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wwwdew via
Hello, it is long ago I participated in this group, but now I'm back with questions. I was using Cadrail 7.11 for many purposes, often not railroad-related. I decided after a harddisk crash to switch from Windows2000 to Linux, and not to reinstall W2k. Before I had dual boot Linux and Windows2000. Now I am searching the web for a Linux compatible and not too expensive Railroad Cad package. Thought to have found that in XtrkCad, but there seems to be something strange with that. All I can download is a limited version, but the registration dialogue is not to be found. With that dialogue I should be able to enter a username and key to get the free, open full version, or pay $ 65,-- to get a key.. XtrkCad support seems to be discontinued, new owner, new problems.. Who knows about this? How can I get the (now free, open) full version that lets me edit more than 3x6 feet ?? Or, alternatively tell/help me how to run Cadrail 7.11 under Linux Fedore Core FC6. I tried Wine but there is missing a Visual Basic DLL. I know from an earlier conversation with Sandia that Cadrail is written in that.
Wim van Bemmel, interfaced to Linux FC6
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wim van bemmel
XtrkCAD now has free registration and source code. If you haven't visited their web page recently, you can get all the latest info here:
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Ken Rice
I visited that site before I mailed to this group. The last update is advertised as March 2005. That coincidises with the change from 'pay' to 'free' ?? Question still remains.
Greetings, salut, Wim.
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wim van bemmel
XtrkCad has been open sourced.
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Robert Heller
Take a look at Parallels - I've read good reports (from Windows database developers and programmers) about it handling Windows as a virtual machine under Linux.
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Steve Caple
Thanks all, I'll continue...
Wim on Linux.
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wim van bemmel
And I did continue, visited Sourceforge again, and downloaded the latest of the 2 XtrkCad packages, the one that is registered 2005-10-27. Installed using (of course) rpm, and voila ! in seconds XtrkCad 4.0.1 up and running, no limits, no pay. Now comes the learning curve...
Salut, Wim on Linux.
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wim van bemmel

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